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Counsellors are trained to listen without judgement and can offer you space to explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential environment.

Counselling can help you make sense of things and clarify your thoughts. It can help you to move forward, improve your self esteem and give you a general sense of empowerment.

If you are not sure or would like to find out more you can call, text or e-mail.

Young People

We all have times in our lives when things get us down. Life is full of pressures and this leads to worries and stress.

Sometimes there is a specific reason for this, sometimes not.

You may have experienced a loss, be a victim of bullying or abuse, may be having difficulties with family or friends, or suffering from peer pressure. You may be reacting to these pressures in a way that makes you uncomfortable - for example through expressions of anger, self harm, or by drinking, Or you may be holding all of these issues internally, which makes you feel unhappy, out of control, isolated and lonely.

At such times it is good to talk things through with someone.

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